Thursday, March 6, 2014

I know a whale joke. It's a real killer.

Once upon a time, a digital foundations teacher said to fifteen clueless student "today class, we are going to begin designing a template for our three dimensional characters!"

Everyone starred blankly. 

But sir master teacher, this is a digital class…..

The teacher claimed that argument was invalid and therefore, the students must struggle forth and make a three-dimensional character out of paper. 

At first, I wanted to make my character fly. I decided to make a bird. I would then mount this bird on a flywheel, pull the trigger, and it would fly.  However, that idea completely failed once tested.  So I thought that if I can't do a creature of the sky, let's go as far down as possible and make a sea creature. 

Who doesn't love a cute cartoon whale?

Give that fellow something to smile about and everyone will love him. 

This is why I created Wallace.

Wallace is a purple whale cheesin' away at life.  He is thoroughly amused by the water coming out of his blow hole.  But sadly, he's kind of an air head.  

I am pleased with the way Wallace came into this world and how he remains to be. 

 ~MAJOR Inspiration~

Wallace coming into the world.

And the final result….

Penguin F150 by Beth Allen
Little Man by Darion Beasley

Lord Squanderfield by Nick Nelson

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