Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Phenomenal Photoshopping

Shadow Chen

She is a mixed media Illustrator from Ningbo, Chine.  She has majored in industrial design, and is alb art and design postgraduate.  Her love for art pushed her to explore more avenues as an illustrator and graphs designer.  Her works are always seen in liquid forms, with a traditional twist and bright colors.  Her professional specialization as a freelance artist includes Illustration, Graphic Design, and Web Design.

Based off her work, I hope to learn how to make digital work look like it belongs on a canvas.  I want to learn how to make a digital print appear to be water color. 


Igor Scekic

Tiago Hoisel

He is a freelance artist in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

"During college that direction didn’t change and I continued to focus on humorous illustrations more than the graphic design itself."

From his work, I want to learn how to challenge myself to take real like and turn it into a wild cartoon.  He warps reality to make people, animals, animals into comical characters.

David Fuhrer

Erik Jonsson

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I know a whale joke. It's a real killer.

Once upon a time, a digital foundations teacher said to fifteen clueless student "today class, we are going to begin designing a template for our three dimensional characters!"

Everyone starred blankly. 

But sir master teacher, this is a digital class…..

The teacher claimed that argument was invalid and therefore, the students must struggle forth and make a three-dimensional character out of paper. 

At first, I wanted to make my character fly. I decided to make a bird. I would then mount this bird on a flywheel, pull the trigger, and it would fly.  However, that idea completely failed once tested.  So I thought that if I can't do a creature of the sky, let's go as far down as possible and make a sea creature. 

Who doesn't love a cute cartoon whale?

Give that fellow something to smile about and everyone will love him. 

This is why I created Wallace.

Wallace is a purple whale cheesin' away at life.  He is thoroughly amused by the water coming out of his blow hole.  But sadly, he's kind of an air head.  

I am pleased with the way Wallace came into this world and how he remains to be. 

 ~MAJOR Inspiration~

Wallace coming into the world.

And the final result….

Penguin F150 by Beth Allen
Little Man by Darion Beasley

Lord Squanderfield by Nick Nelson