Monday, April 21, 2014

it's the final countdown

When Michael Shaw announced to the class that for our final, we could do virtually anything, I panicked.  An assignment with few boundaries is a frightening thing.  I plan to major in either Graphic Design or Photography, so I knew that I wanted to incorporate elements of both in my project.  

Previous to our info graph, I did research about photoshop artist.  All of the artists that i posted about had outstanding work that interested me.  But none of it incorporated what I wanted to learn how to do with Photoshop.  They all used digital painting, which is about as far away as possible from what I wan tot do with the software.  

With a major in photography, I would use photoshop to enhance my work.  With graphic design, I would use it to incorporate hand drawn elements, textures, and pictures into graphic works.  So I searched for ideas and inspiration.


Although all of these pieces are beautiful and stood out to me the most out of everything i saw, nothing intrigued me enough to create my own version of something similar.  Which led me straight back to square one. 


About a week ago, I was driving through midtown and I got completely lost.  I knew what street I was on, but it was an area I had never driven before.  Right before I reached familiar territory, I drove through an overpass and noticed a large wall mural.  It was very simple with lots of potential to add elements in Photoshop.

When I first saw it, I knew that one day I would want to do a photo shoot there.  Little did I know how soon the opportunity would arise.  

I realized this would be the perfect location to take a few pictures to photoshop.  I plan on having my roommate model for me within the next couple of days.  

I have also been wanting to design a logo for myself.  Something simple that I can easily stick on digital copies of my work.  This will be where I incorporate a graphic design element.  


The Assignment Requirements

A layer mask
Marquee tools
Clone Stamp Tool
Burn and Dodge
Adjustment Layers 
One scanned in element
One element created purely in photoshop


Plan of Action

A Layer Mask: I will use this to put a slight hue over the background of the image to make the figure stand out.
Marquee tools: I will use this to select different ares when I am applying the layer masks.
Clone Stamp Tool: I will use this to give the subject flawless skin, typical clone stamp use.
Burn and Dodge: I will use this to high light the subject and to create darker shadows. This is the tool that I am most excited about experimenting with.
Adjustment Layers: I will use these to adjust the photo to make it look as good as possible.
Scanned in Element: I will scan in a fabric and either add it to part of the picture or I will give the logo a texture with the fabric.  
Element Created in Photoshop: The logo will be created purely in photoshop.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Phenomenal Photoshopping

Shadow Chen

She is a mixed media Illustrator from Ningbo, Chine.  She has majored in industrial design, and is alb art and design postgraduate.  Her love for art pushed her to explore more avenues as an illustrator and graphs designer.  Her works are always seen in liquid forms, with a traditional twist and bright colors.  Her professional specialization as a freelance artist includes Illustration, Graphic Design, and Web Design.

Based off her work, I hope to learn how to make digital work look like it belongs on a canvas.  I want to learn how to make a digital print appear to be water color. 


Igor Scekic

Tiago Hoisel

He is a freelance artist in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

"During college that direction didn’t change and I continued to focus on humorous illustrations more than the graphic design itself."

From his work, I want to learn how to challenge myself to take real like and turn it into a wild cartoon.  He warps reality to make people, animals, animals into comical characters.

David Fuhrer

Erik Jonsson